Hmm... where to start? My name’s Linda – but I prefer Lin. (I don’t like the ‘dah’ bit at the end.)


My journey started in London 13 years ago working for some great companies in the city. I have built up a large knowledge of design skills for online and offline marketing. I am an all-round designer whose passion lies with attention to detail and producing fun and unique ideas.


Captain’s Invitation

Cunard’s annual private cocktail party.

Cunard alternative dining

Concepts for a new series of alternative dining menus on board.

Bellhop Christmas

A playful concept for Cunard’s annual Christmas celebrations.

Classic & Sports Finance

New branding project to market lifestyle finance in the UK.



Brand identity for a landscape and construction company.


Brand identity + website design/build for Plastering + Rendering Services.

80 Old St

Branding and brochure design for offices in East London.

123 Pall Mall

Brand identity and brochure layout.

Creating Opportunity

Initial ideas for a new campaign based on IG’s tagline ‘creating opportunity’.

Something personal

A personal project using ink completed at The Art Academy London.

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